We produce quality motion content quickly and cost-effectively!

DBY is a creative and strategic video production agency based in Stockholm. Our talented teams help our clients communicate through excellent motion content. We are the marketing managers best friend!

Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive from first time non-Swedish clients:

How can you have such low prices?

Salaries in the UK are much higher than in Sweden. A junior motion designer in London makes more than our CEO. Renting or owning an office is ten times more expensive in the city of London compared to Stockholm. DBY have all competencies in-house which makes it easy for us to adapt every production to your budget and deadline. DBY is small (read fast and cost effective) and works directly with you, the client. Hence, there are no middlemen or advertising agency costs.


How can we work together when you are not based in the UK?

We meet all our clients face to face. It takes less time to travel from Stockholm to London than it takes to go from one side of London to the other. During the production we also use phone, email and videoconferencing.


We need native English content. Can you produce that?

Of course! We use copywriters based in the UK every day. We also record most of our voice overs in the country of the language of the production. DBY has of today produced motion content in 14 languages.


My advertising agency can do that.

No doubt they can. But this will be at a higher cost and it will take up a lot more of your time


Have you worked with English speaking companies before?

Our portfolio of clients includes Apple, POC, TUI, Ericsson, Fjällräven, Tobii Dynavox, Pizza Hut, Special Olympics, SAS, McDonalds, and many more.


How do we start?

Please contact Marcus Johansson or fill in the form below for an inspiring meeting!

Marcus Johansson
Email: marcus@dby.se
Cell: +46 73-679 52 11

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